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6 Creamy, Cheesy North Alabama Mac-n-Cheese Dishes

 What does Macaroni and Cheese and the Declaration of Independence have in common?  We have Thomas Jefferson to thank for both.  Legend has it that Jefferson tasted a pasta dish made of macaroni and parmesan cheese while visiting Italy.  He brought the recipe back home with him and soon the parmesan was changed to cheddar cheese.  As the recipe spread, Americans started tinkering with and perfecting it.  In 1937 the Kraft Company started boxing the dish making it cheaper and easier to make.  Through the years, Macaroni and Cheese has become one of our absolute favorite comfort foods.  It’s a dish for all occasions.  It is superb on a cold winter night and yet still fits in perfectly at a 4th of July picnic.  If you’re in mood for some delicious Mac and Cheese, then you are in luck.  There are a multitude of places in the Tennessee Valley you can find it and a multitude of different recipes to enjoy.



The Railyard in Decatur

They offer it as a lunch entrée that is available all day long for $12. The menu lists it as a Triple Cheese Mac topped with your choice of blackened grilled chicken or braised short rib. It’s the hint of goat cheese and the smoke from the gouda that make this dish so special.

Hours are Monday thru Saturday, 11am-9pm
Sunday, 11am-2pm

209 2nd Ave SE
Decatur, AL 35601


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Toy Box Bistro in Huntsville

Have you ever been eating a waffle and thought to yourself, “You know what this is missing, Mac and Cheese”?  Try this truly unique treat of Waffled Mac and Cheese.   It sells for $4.99.

Hours are Monday thru Saturday, 10:30am -10pm
Closed on Sunday

511 Jordan Lane NW
Huntsville, AL 35805

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Southern Farm Table in Florence

This is homemade, buffet style restaurant with food made just like grandma made, and we can all agree that grandma made the BEST mac-n-cheese. Adults $12.99, kids 6 – 11 $6.69, and kids five and under eat free.

Hours are Friday thru Sunday, 3:30pm-8pm
Closed Monday thru Thursday

4160 Co Rd 200,
Florence, AL 35633

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Sally's Smokin' Butt BBQ in Fort Payne

Loved due to it’s creamy texture,  Mac and Cheese is offered as a side to their delicious BBQ at the very affordable price of $1.15.

Hours are Wednesday thru Saturday, 10am thru 7pm.
Closed Sunday thru Tuesday.

2904 Gault Ave S
Fort Payne, AL 35967

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New Market Barbeque in New Market

They make their own cheese sauce from scratch, blend it with cooked noodles, add some extra cheese, top it with their signature rub, and smoke it in their BBQ pit.  Their Smoked Mac and Cheese sells for $2.55. This dish was also featured in 100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama published by the Alabama Tourism.

Hours are Friday and Saturday, 11am-7pm
Saturday, 11am-4pm
Closed Monday thru Thursday

5601 Winchester Rd
New Market, Alabama

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Garden Gate Cafe in Muscle Shoals

This appetizing macaroni and cheese is part of their meat and 3 vegetables plate priced at $5.99. And even the most critical blue plate lovers declare this mac-n-cheese a worthy side dish as being both home made and full of flavor.

Hours are Monday thru Friday, 10:30am-8pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday


We think Mr. Jefferson would be delighted to try any of these updated versions of his recipe.
Who knew that we had a founding father to thank for everyone’s ultimate comfort food?

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