In Partnership with the Southern Weekend

”A Charlie Brown Christmas” Live at the VBC, Dec 18th

In December of 1965, the animated special A Charlie Brown Christmas debuted on television.  Its combination of music, comedy, and the simple yet sweet explanation of the true meaning of Christmas was an instant hit with audiences.  To this day, for many families, Christmas just hasn’t been Christmas unless they’ve made the time to watch it one more time.  I’ll bet you can quote many of the lines yourself.  How about Sally’s letter to Santa telling him to “make it easy on yourself,  just send money? Or Lucy stating, “We all know that Christmas is a big commercial racket.  It’s run by a big eastern syndicate?”

A Charlie Brown Christmas Live on Stage has taken the animated classic, expanded on it, and turned it into a delightful live stage production.  The show is coming to the Von Braun Center just one week ahead of Christmas on Tuesday, December 18th, at 7 PM.  You’ll hear the songs you remember and love like The Peanuts Theme (Linus and Lucy), Skating, and Christmas Time is Here. Along with other Christmas classics not included in the original special.  One of the more hilarious sights you’ll see this holiday season is the group of adult actors dancing to jazz music in the bizarre and memorable ways each of the Peanuts characters danced in the school party scene.

Remaining seats are priced at either $29 each or $46 each.  I would suggest purchasing your tickets  soon as the theater is already more than half sold out.