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There’s a hole-in-the-wall place you NEED to know about in Guntersville, AL

Bringing fresh seafood to Guntersville since 1987!

Charlotte Web, the original owner of Crawmama’s, is native to Guntersville, Alabama and struggled to find fresh seafood, so she turned her dream into a reality. Crawmama’s originally opened as  Crawdaddy’s seafood Shoppe in 1987.

She began driving every Friday down to the coast to buy fresh seafood right off the boats. Then, bring it back to sell out of her van on the side of the road, literally. She sold fresh shrimp and oysters and two kinds of beer. Life was good.

After the demand came for more and more, she knew she had to make a change. Luckily, she knew a few landlords (her parents) that had an open building. So, she leased a Building from her parents and set-up as a seafood shoppee and 12 seat oyster bar, named Crawdaddy’s. She offered raw and baked oysters, as well as, fresh shrimp. After the FIRST night she opened, the crowd was so big people began to purchase food and take it outside and eat. Charlotte knew that the space she leased wasn’t going to be big enough.

The next expansion doubled the menu and offered close to 125 seats. Over the next couple of years, the business grew so much that Charlotte knew she would have to expand again. When Charlotte’s daughter, Kathryn, turned eighteen, she decided to give half the business to her and become a mother-daughter duo. It was at this time that she And Kathryn renamed Crawdaddy’s to Crawmama’s.

With the name change, the third expansion began. The third expansion brought the seating to around 250 people and a menu with over 75 items. The last expansion was completed in 2006 to add outside seating and live entertainment. This last expansion brings the seating capacity to just over 300 people.

Her story is incredible and her food is even better.. TRUST US! 

They are open ALL YEAR ROUND, so there are no excuses. Give it a try. Don’t forget to add a dollar to a wall. 

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Contact: (256)5820484


Thursday – Friday: 4:30pm – 10pm

Saturday: 4:30pm – 10pm – DEPENDING ON SEC FOOTBALL