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Coca Cola is dropping a new flavor

Orange Vanilla Coke

Over the past few years, Diet Coke has released a redesign on the classic can and introduced six new flavors (which are AMAZING). Just when you thought Coca-Cola couldn’t get much better, they do this. For the first time in over a decade.. 10 years y’all – Coca-Cola is launching a new flavor: Orange Vanilla Coke and Orange Vanilla Coke Zero.

There is a major sweetness, to the smell and taste. This new flavor is described as nearly identical to a creamsicle, with a kick of cola.  So, if you typically reach for the classic Coke or a Coke Zero, odds are you may go for this new flavor.

Both varieties are hitting stores nationwide beginning February 25, and they’ll be available in 12-ounce cans and 20-ounce bottles. The Orange Vanilla flavor will also be available in Coke’s 12-ounce “sleek” cans—the tall, skinny ones—for a limited time, from March through May.