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Do minty and soda flavors go well together? Coca-Cola-flavored Tic Tacs will let you know

A refreshing iced Coke and a conveniently packed sweet mint — sometimes the moment calls for both! Well, by the end of January, pick up a pack of limited edition Tic Tac mints made with Coca-Cola.

The you-can-never-just-have-one mint will be available in the new Coca-Cola flavor at major retailers across the country. The product will start rolling out the end of January, according to Taste of Home.

The traditional one ounce Tic Tac clear plastic package shows off the brands’ collaboration. See the white little mints boast the iconic red Coca-Cola logo on the side.

There is no word about how much these treats will go for. However, a regular container of Tic Tacs, like the orange and freshmint flavors, go for $1.39 at Target.

So, whether you’re ready for it or not, the minty Coca-Cola combo is nearly here.

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