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Download the interactive Alabama Pastport App

2019 marks Alabama’s 200th birthday. This is a fun, interactive way to learn about Alabama history!

In 1819, 44 delegates met in Huntsville and ironed out a state constitution allowing us to join the United States of America as the 22nd state.  Since then a great drama has played out in this state.  The Civil War, Reconstruction, the Great Depression, World Wars, the fight for Civil Rights, and the Space Race.  While the history books teach us the details of those big events, there are a multitude of stories about those experiences from the perspective of the average Alabama citizen that are just waiting to be discovered across this great state.  That is exactly what the Alabama Bicentennial Commission is hoping you will do using their app, Alabama PastPort.

            Using Alabama PastPort, you will find 300 historic destinations you can visit in order to celebrate Alabama turning two centuries old. 

The app allows you to scroll down a list of all 67 counties in the state.  Click on the county you want to visit then you can read a brief history of that county and view the historic sites and museums you’ll find there.  So many of these are within a quick drive from anywhere in the Tennessee Valley.  From Lauderdale County in the West, you find the Frank Lloyd Wright Rosenbaum House Museum, Pope’s Tavern Museum, Indian Mound and Museum, Sacred Way Sanctuary, and W.C. Handy Birthplace Museum and Library.  To DeKalb County in the East where you can visit the Alabama Fan Club and Museum, Fort Payne Opera House, and Fort Payne Depot Museum, and so many adventures to experience in between.  The app will even tell you exactly how far each destination is from your present location.

            Alabama PastPort is helpful in planning a day trip or weekend get-a-way.  If you’re a parent, use this app to teach your kids about the state or encourage your child to use it if they are doing a state history project for school.  At many of these destinations, you can pick up a 174-page companion PastPort book that you get stamped at each of the sites you visit during the Bicentennial.  It is a great tool to get your kids excited about history.

            Alabama PastPort can be downloaded to your device from iTunes and Google Play.  Visit for more information about planned events to celebrate Alabama’s birthday.