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Easy Halloween treats to make with kids

Deceivingly tasty!

We love these for a few reasons. Firstly, these are really fun. Who doesn’t love a good cake ball decorated like a human eyeball? It’s really festive and secondly, they are really simple to make. They are easy enough to get the kids involved, too.

And finally, we love these because if you don’t feel like making them yourself, just ask Gayla Cake and you can support a great local business.

Check out the video to see how to make three sweet treats that are just spooky enough for even the greenest goblin or ghoul.

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Cake EYEballs

The perfect bite of cake doesn’t exist unless you’re talking about cake balls. Each one has a perfect cake to icing ratio. When making these Cake EYEballs, just google any cake ball recipe online. But be sure to coat them in white chocolate to resemble an eyeball.

This recipe uses fondant to complete the eyeball look, but if you don’t want to use fondant, don’t worry. You can buy pre-made colored fondant at many grocery stores.

Pro tip: wet the fondant with a little water to get it to stick to the cake ball.

Then use edible markers like the ones used in the video to draw on the eye veins and voila. Cake EYEballs.

Spider Cookies

These spider cookies are super simple. Just google a peanut butter blossom recipe and replace the HERSHEY’s Kisses with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Be sure to place the cups on the cookie when the cookie is warm so the cups stick to the cookies well. Then use a small plastic baggie to make an easy DIY icing pipe bag. Just spoon the icing of your choice into one of the corners of the bag and then seal the bag up with no air pockets. Next, cut the tip of the plastic bag off the corner that holds the icing. Now you can make the spider legs and eyes just like in the photo below.

Monster Cupcake

Use the DIY icing pipe bag trick from above to decorate some fun Halloween cupcakes!

You’ll need a special grass icing tip to make the hairy Monster Cupcake. You can find it in the baking section of grocery and craft stores.

Once you have your icing pipe bag and icing tip, you’re all set.