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Experience a Fusion of Asian Flavor at Yoshi Sushi Fusion

Experience is everything!

With freshness and exceptional customer service, welcome to a unique sushi experience at Yoshi Sushi Fusion!

Chef Irwanto Fnu and Chef Ansend Huang grew up abroad and moved to the States in their teens. This background gives them an appreciation for traditional Japanese dishes and cooking styles but delighted to add a modern twist to their food. Whether you chose appetizers, salads, sushi or entrees, each meal is crafted traditionally, updated in a special way, opening your eyes to new flavors within the Asian/Fusion menu.

When the chefs moved to the Tennessee Valley, they saw the need for a more authentic Japanese eating environment. This means combining food and culture.

True Japanese sushi is the made with the freshest seafood possible, working only with the highest quality seafood components. The chefs at Yoshi Sushi Fusion will introduce your palette to true seafood freshness!  They provide this by sourcing their seafood from all over the globe, shopping seasonally in each location. With every bite you take, you will recognize the exceptional texture and flavor of their food!

Each fish is lovingly prepared just as if serving to family, because it is. While you’re at Yoshi Sushi Fusion, the chefs want you to feel appreciated and well cared for, as customer service is a priority. This is the kind of dining you’d only expect to get in Japan, but the chefs have brought their traditional backgrounds and Japanese culture to the Tennessee Valley, in fact bringing the Japanese food experience right to you!

The next time you crave sushi, don’t stick with the ordinary. Make the night special by experiencing the uniquely crafted dishes and welcoming surroundings at Yoshi Sushi Fusion.

Yoshi Sushi Fusion – 3110 Mountain Cove Circle Southeast D, Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763