Fall and winter is the perfect time to begin landscaping your yard

Spruce up your landscaping for next year

You can do landscaping anytime of year, but did you know fall and winter are the best times to get your plants going?

From the infant stage inside the containers, to transitioning into the ground, allow this time of year for you plants to become established in your yard. Even in terms of perennials, allow these plants to set in and give time for the roots to set in the soil, so they are able to flourish next spring.

When searching for a seasonal plant, try looking into pansies or snapdragons. These seasonal plants are perfect for the cold temperatures and add a pop of color to your landscaping.

When plating your trees, the enemy is likely the first summer where there is lack of water. Planting in the fall and winter will allow time for the roots to have access to plenty of water. This step is important because it will give time for the roots to become established before the spring and summer.

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