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Special gift giving ideas for him and her at Walker’s Market

Shop local this Father's Day!

Walker’s Market is a hidden gem nestled in the Five Points area of the Old Towne District in Huntsville, Alabama. They are dedicated to finding and bringing unique foods from all over the country to our local friends and neighbors. Walker’s Market is not your traditional grocery store. Their vendors use locally sourced products to make their food resulting in better taste and flavor. This allows different foods on their shelves and constantly change and add things throughout the year. Kimberly is always looking to add more and more flavor to her store. No matter the destination, she always has her eye open for something to add to her shop.

One of the most unique things about Walker’s Market is EACH AND EVERY PRODUCT comes with a story. She can guarantee everything on the shelf has been tested and researched, therefore, there is nothing on the shelf you will not love.

Location: 813 Wellman Ave.
Huntsville, Alabama 35801


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