This inflatable truck bed pool is among the must-have pool accessories this summer

Summer is finally here. And with it, countless afternoons of lounging out by the pool with family and friends.

And whether you’re looking to just relax and soak in the sun or you’re ready to jump in the water and have a little fun, we’ve got the perfect list of must-have pool accessories for the summer.

Inflatable Truck Bed Pool

Okay, we’ll admit…this doesn’t exactly fit the bill for traditional pool accessories, but what if you don’t have a backyard pool? Why should you miss out on the fun? This inflatable pool will fit into just about any truck bed, instantly turning your pickup into the go-to party spot.

Buy now on Walmart or Amazon.

Toypedo Bandits

Got kids? We promise these things will entertain them for hours on end. They come in packs of four and glide easily underneath the water for up to 20 feet. They’re perfect for young swimmers practicing their skills, and they’re cheap enough that you can buy a ton of them.


Watermelon Ball

Sticking with the theme of active entertainment, this is exactly what it looks like – an inflatable ball that looks, feels, and behaves like a watermelon in water. It can be thrown and passed around as well as dribbled underwater. And don’t worry, this thing is sturdy, so it can take a beating.

Buy now on Walmart or Amazon.

Aqua Table

Who doesn’t want a floating picnic table with a huge cooler in the center of it? The Aqua Table seats up to four people and is perfect for relaxing in the pool or floating down the river. Plus, there are cupholders in each seat, and you can purchase a deck of waterproof playing cards to go along with it.


Floating Cornhole

Now you can play everyone’s favorite backyard game inside the pool. The O‚ÄôRageous Floating Bag Toss (ie: cornhole) set includes 8 bags and 2 landing boards that easily anchor in place. It even comes with a repair kit, so you can fix any rips or tears that might occur. This is a must for any summer pool party.

Academy Sports


It’s like everyone’s favorite drunken memory from college – only family-friendly and on a pool float. Seriously, we could see all the fun to be had laughing at each other for how ridiculous everyone looks. And it’s sturdy enough for every member of the family.


Canopy Island Lounge

Look we get it. Floating bulls and corn hole games – that’s not exactly a relaxing time. So if taking things slow is more your speed, this is the float for you. It can fit up to two people and comes complete with a cupholder and dome canopy to give you some shade. Treat yourself and relax in comfort.


Pool Noodles

Every pool needs a handful of these, and, depending on the condition, it might be time to purchase some new ones for this season. You can float on them, spit water through them, or whack each other in the head with them. Also, based on customer reviews, they’re useful in baby proofing your home or storing your boots away in the closet. Who knew?

The ones featured are from Amazon, but you can buy them from just about anywhere.

Swim Thru Rings

Now you can turn your pool into an underwater obstacle course. The rings come in packs of three and are collapsible for easy storage and adjustable so you can change their depth in the water. You can use it as part of friendly competition or as a tool to improve your swimming.



Fair warning – this thing is expensive. Like almost $7,000 expensive. But who doesn’t want a rock climbing wall to go with their pool? The website claims it fosters creativity and problem solving with kids while also being a ton of fun. And all you need is a few basic power tools and a couple of hours to install it. Maybe add this one to your bucket list?

To get a quote, visit them at their website.

There you have it. Ten must-have accessories to make this summer one to remember. Did we miss anything? Be sure to let us know.