How to Charge Your Devices When the Power Goes Out!

When hurricanes, tornadoes  or other weather events happen, power outages can become an issue. We still need our phones, tablets, and other devices right? You may need an alternate power source to use and charge your electronics.
Here are some simple and safe ways to charge your devices when the power is out:

  • Use your laptop or desktop computer to plug your tablet into the USB port and it will charge that way.

  • Car chargers are a great way to charge your devices especially if you are going to be on the road during a power outage. The car can just be in idle and you can charge it that way too. Make sure you move the car out of the garage because you don’t build up excess carbon monoxide.

  • Portable chargers are a very convenient way to charge your devices because you can carry them anywhere you go.

  • Hand crank devices can also help you charge in a pinch. They can be purchased online for as little as $60. They are not hard to crank and can be held in one hand, so you don’t have to worry about weight or bulk.

The most important thing is to be safe. If there is an intense storm raging outside with a lot of lightning or flooding, maybe going out to charge in your car is not such a good idea, stay inside. It is also vital to plan ahead, if you know that a storm may be approaching in your area and power outage might be an issue, charge your tablets ahead of time.

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