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Huntsville Ballroom becomes the “Newest Classmate” at Campus 805!

For those who already love Campus 805 in Huntsville, you might just have another reason to love it.

Huntsville Ballroom has added a brand new dance studio to the buzzing event center in the heart of the Rocket City.

Whether your groove is the salsa, cha-cha, or waltz, you’re sure to find a dance class that you enjoy at Campus 805. The classes, which are offered at multiple times each week, are designed for people who want to learn dance for any occasion, whether that’s preparing for a wedding or wanting to take part in professional dancing.

Campus 805 has already attracted multiple popular tenants, from art studios to breweries, so this new dance studio is sure to fit right in with the already vibrant community.

If you’re ready to put on those dancing shoes, then look no further than the Huntsville Ballroom at Campus 805!