In Partnership with the Southern Weekend

Longhorn Steakhouse is offering tips on how to cook the perfect steak this Memorial Day

Summer cookouts are approaching, so Longhorn Steakhouse is extending a helping hand. Leading into Memorial Day Weekend, the company will be offering a grilling hotline on how to grill the perfect steak. Whether you’re a grilling beginner or master, if you have a question…Longhorn has an answer.

To have your question answered, head to Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #LHGRILLUS or visit Longhorn’s Facebook page. One of their many grilling masters will be sure to provide you with the best tips and tricks.

Longhorn’s Executive Chef, Michael Senich, wants to provide customers with an everlasting tip. Therefore he created “A Rookie’s Guide to Grilling.” A five-step guide on how to grill the perfect steak. It breaks down some of the most frequently asked questions and is a perfect guide to refer back to when executing your next cookout. View the guide below.


photo courtesy of Longhorn Steakhouse