Pick your own apples while touring this Tennessee Valley orchard

Scott’s Orchard is offering tours of its family-run operation through October.

The mailing address of the orchard may be in Hazel Green, but the farm spans across the state border into Tennessee. Scott’s Orchard grows 18 different varieties of apples.

The orchard is a favorite of locals looking for fresh apples, peaches, jams and ciders. Now, you can also tour the farm in addition to picking your own apples.

The tours, which operate every Saturday, include a narrated wagon ride across the farm. A guide will show you the orchard’s packing operation and end with an apple tasting. School-aged children and adults will pay $12 for a ticket. The tours are available until Saturday, October 26.

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You can also consider adding your own apple picking experience. A ticket to the tour covers your price of admission into the orchard, but you will still need to pay for your apples. Alternatively, you can book an apple picking time Monday-Sunday.

You can purchase tickets for the tour or apple picking on the Scott’s Orchard website.