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Sam’s Club is bringing back massive pool floats this summer

Warmer days are up ahead. Of course, that means having a pool float that fits all of your friends.

Last year, Sam’s Club gave us three Instagram-worthy floats including a six-person unicorn, peacock, and flamingo floats.

While Sam’s isn’t bringing back unicorns or peacocks floats this year, the flamingo float is still available, as well as two new floats including swan and a speed boat floats.

All three floats have a built-in inflatable bench, cooler and eight cup holders. Oh, and the flamingo and swan are also both filled with glitter — of course.

Stretching up to 9 feet tall and 16 feet wide, the gigantic floats cost $170, or about $28 each if you’re splitting it with six friends. You’ll get free shipping if you’re a Plus member, or you may get lucky and find them at your local Sam’s Club.


Even if you don’t have a pool big enough for the float or a lake close by, Sam’s Club says you can also use them on land or as poolside furniture. Personally, I can picture one right in my backyard just because.

Besides, there’s no such thing as too much seating for parties and you can always use coolers and cupholders!

So, do you have room for a huge pool float on your vacation packing list this summer?