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Southerland’s Photo: Meet the Couple Behind This One of a Kind Shop

Meet the husband and wife behind this historic shop in Huntsville.

Malcolm and Betsy Tarkington purchased Southerland’s Photo back in 1968. And the two have been working side by side ever since.

That’s right – not only are Malcolm and Betsy celebrating decades of marriage but also decades as business partners, running one of the more unique shops in the Rocket City.

Southerland’s Photo offers a wide range of photo services to their customers, ranging in everything from camera equipment and prints to even photo restorations.

Have a damaged or faded photograph you love? Southerland’s can restore for you in just a matter of days.

Southerland’s is also a complete treasure chest of vintage cameras, some of which date back to the 19th century. Even still, the Tarkingtons’ say their best asset are their customers. Many of which have turned into life long friends.

Watch above as Malcolm and Betsy talk about what it’s like to work together for so many years and what they believe their secret to success is.

And be sure to pay Southerland’s Photo a visit for all your photo needs!