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Step back in time aboard Christopher Columbus’ ships

Set sail for the New World!

Ever wanna travel back in time? Well now’s your chance to take a trip back to 1492 as you step aboard these replicas of 2 of Christopher Columbus’ famous ships – Nina & Pinta.

These ships are two of the most accurately built Columbus replicas ever. The Columbus Foundation travels with these ships throughout the country sharing the history of Columbus’ famous voyage to the New World. Once aboard, you’ll get the full experience of what life was like as a crew member out to sea with historically accurate exhibits and authentic cannons and sails. The tour is self-guided, but guides are on deck to answer any questions you may have.

Hours are  9am – 6pm daily.

Ticket Prices

Adults – $8.50

Seniors – $7.50

Children (5-16) – $6.50

Oct 30th – Nov 3

Joe Wheeler State Park Marina

4401 McLean Drive

Rogersville, AL 35652

For more information or to book a school trip, please call (787) 672-2152.