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Step Inside Alabama’s Oldest Hardware Store at Harrison Brothers Hardware

Located in Downtown Huntsville since 1897!

Harrison Brothers Hardware started as a family-owned business founded by brothers James B. and Daniel T. Harrison, and their store has operated on the courthouse square in downtown Huntsville since 1897.

Like a cherished family heirloom, the business was passed down from generation to generation. It seemed certain that the death of the last Harrison family member in 1983 would be the end of the family business, but the Historic Huntsville Foundation stepped in and purchased the store with the mission of preserving and continuing the operations of this historic store.

Today, Harrison Brothers Hardware is a store unlike any other you will visit. The store retains its original appearance, and all the counters, display shelves, wood floors, and fixtures are all intact. Sales are still rung up on the 1907 National Cash Register first used by James and Daniel. The brothers’ business desk, safe, and coal stove are still there–just about the way they left them. Original advertising posters, receipts and ledgers, vintage photographs, and Harrison family mementos are displayed throughout the store.

Watch above as Cheryl Sexton talks about the history of Harrison Brothers and how special it is to have the support of the community through all these years.

Harrison Brothers Hardware
124 Southside Square
Open Monday-Saturday from 9:30-5

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