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Taking your workout outdoors!

The treadmill isn’t for everyone! If you’re a person who doesn’t like the idea of using an elliptical to burn off those annoying calories, you can take your cardio outside! Running and walking trails are an excellent way to get active and take in some great sights at the same time. Check out some of the best areas in the Tennessee Valley to enjoy the outdoors while getting your exercise in!

Monte Sano State Park

This beautiful area off to the east in Huntsville provides excellent views as well as a wide range of area to get your steps in. There are multiple different trails throughout the park in all different lengths, so whether it’s just you or your family, there’s definitely a way to get some outdoor time! There is a daily use fee for the park, so make sure you plan your trip out accordingly!

Point Mallard in Decatur

The campground at Point Mallard gives you the opportunity to take in the sight of the beautiful Tennessee River while exercising. The trails at this park are great for both walking and biking, so you’re sure to find some way to get your cardio in.  Pets are also allowed (on leashes)!

Timrod Park in Florence

For our friends in the Shoals, you can find an awesome area to jog or walk near Timrod Park! There are plenty of roads and paths to take when working out. Plus, there are other activities to take part in at this park, such as a tennis court!

Big Spring Park in Huntsville

Right in the middle of downtown Huntsville, you can enjoy your walk or jog in one of the Rocket City’s most beautiful outdoor spots. With a beautiful pond sitting at its center and plenty of space for you, the kids, and the pets, this is one area every Huntsville resident should check out. Get your steps in while taking in some of the best sights Huntsville has to offer!