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Tennessee Valley Neighborhoods – Ft. Payne

Find out what makes Ft. Payne such a popular neighborhood in the Tennessee Valley!

Love small town living? Then Ft Payne is the place for you! You’ll wax nostalgic walking the streets of this historic town that keeps family and community the priority of life. But don’t be fooled by the tranquility, there’s plenty to do in a place surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes in Alabama. And after you hike, kayak and swim your way thru it all, you’ll find the most delicious barbeque waiting to refuel you for a night of classic country music.

Josh McFall ( and Abbi Johnson featured just two of the many booming businesses in the Ft. Payne area, but you can learn more about how this city has impacted the value of its neighborhood at is the source for real estate info directly from area Realtors. Since the year 2000, they have displayed real estate across the counties in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee to assist with making home buying easier for you.

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