The Great Pumpkin 5K virtual run

If you’ve been wanting to join the “telethon” or “running race” movement but not sure how to make the leap from sidewalk walker to course participant, this is the run for you!

The Great Pumpkin Virtual Run is happening again this year!

Virtual challenges are part of a growing trend. You can race whenever you can, wherever is convenient for you and still feel like you’re part of the team, even if you’re running alone. Last year, 14,000 people chose to participate in this race and even more are expected to lace up this year.

The benefits of a virtual race appeal to those who might don’t want to plan their day around a race start time or who might be intimidated running with strangers. And what if it’s raining? Or if the heat index is skyrocketing? A virtual run lets you push the race start time to whenever you choose. Simply run or walk 3.1 miles any time/anywhere between September 1 and November 11 to participate.

Be sure to use #greatpumpkinrun during your run/walk training and on your chosen race day!
Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, they are choosing random winners for cool prizes! Follow them on Instagram for even more chances to win.

Here’s what you’ll receive as part of the $35 entry fee:

  • An official entry to the virtual race
  • 2019 lightweight tech hoodie, perfect for fall running weather
  • 2019 virtual race bib
  • 2019 finisher’s medal
  • shipping for all items

Running is always more fun with friends, and if you get 5 friends to join you, you’ll get some of your entry fee back! How’s that for incentive? Get even more friends to join and you’ll get even more swag!

If you need a little help getting ready for the big race, no pulled hammies happening here,  The Great Pumpkin Run has partnered with free Strava App to give you encouragement and training tips. There are fun contests and virtual training runs to get you in top training form. Or, confident enough to walk the course comfortably. It’s also the perfect app to record your actual virtual run so you can submit your time after the deadline!

This race sound too easy peasy for such a tough athlete as yourself? Then double up on the challenge by carrying a pumpkin the entire 3.1 miles. This badder than bad move will earn you an exclusive Tough Pumpkin medal!

Registration deadline is November 10th, go to The Great Pumpkin Run: Virtual for more details and follow them on Facebook for updates.

The Great Pumpkin 5K virtual run is part of The Great Pumpkin Run real world run that takes place in various cities all over the United States.

Good luck and don’t drop the pumpkin!