The Next Culinary Craze is Being Raised at Fagerman Farm

Ever heard of Australian White sheep?

You can taste the difference for yourself. Visit Fagerman Farm online to learn how.

Daniel Fagerman is a businessman who travels the world. He’s always had a passion for raising sheep, often times visiting different farms in whatever country he was in. And after a chance encounter with a couple of Australian farmers touting their brand new breed of sheep, Daniel now finds himself on the front-lines of an entirely new market here stateside…and the whole world is watching what he does.

Fagerman Farm is the sole distributor and registrar of the Australian White sheep in the Americas. So what makes these sheep so special? They were breed with one thing in mind…meat quality. And the quality is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted – up there on the level with Wagyu beef. No other sheep breed in the world has been developed with these qualities in mind.

Daniel had a grand debut at his farm back in August where he unveiled the sheep to farmers and producers from around the world. And award-winning chefs cooked up some of the meat for attendees to try for the first time. Whatever opinion you may have of traditional lamb, this Australian White is a whole different story. So don’t be surprised if your favorite celebrity chef starts cooking up a little Australian White sometime soon. Because this just might be a culinary game-changer.