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This AL couple is opening a sanctuary next to their house for handicapped animals

These animals are cute and they need your help!

There’s a special place that’s about to open up in McKenzie, AL that you probably don’t know about. It’s called “Kritter Kids Kountry Korner,” and you’ll want to keep reading if you care about animals even a little bit.

If you leave now, you basically hate animals!

Seriously, though, Kritter Kids will be opening up their doors on June 2, 2019 for a grand opening you won’t want to miss; the event begins at noon. This awesome, new attraction created by Angie and Ron Vanherwyn is worth the drive out to McKenzie.

If you don’t believe us, just check out the video we made up above!

The Vanherwyns have dedicated their property and lives to taking care of handicapped or displaced animals, and your visit helps support their efforts. They’ve got a bunch of different animals who – for one reason or another – can’t survive in their natural environment.

For instance, the couple has a raccoon who is missing its front paws; another was hit in the head and now has neurological issues. Other animals were bought as exotic pets and became too destructive for their original owners to care for.

Kritter Kids Kountry Korner is also accepting volunteers to help take care of the animals and provide support during the grand opening. You can send a message to their Facebook Page to put your name in the hat.

That way, you can prove to us – and everyone else – that you do, in fact, love animals…

Kritter Kids Kountry Korner address: 2637 Booker Rd. McKenzie, AL 36456