In Partnership with the Southern Weekend

Turn the night up

Dance the night away

Metropolitan Disc Jockey is one of a kind. Each of the eight disc jockey’s use a turn table style technique to keep the music flowing all night long.

Wedding Packages:

  1. The Wedding Ceremony
  2. The Essential Event  
  3. The Enhanced Event 
  4. The Exceptional Event 
  5. The Exquisite Event 

Metropolitan can also add a pop of color to your event with their event lighting.

The Metropolitan Mirror

Metropolitan also offer s a unique photo-generating product called the Metropolitan mirror. The Metropolitan Mirror is a unique photo-generating product, offering the latest technology in interactive picture taking. The full-length mirror offers a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with guests through a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance. The Mirror offers a wide array of features that include no only the the interactive photo-taking experience but also vibrant animations displayed on the mirror, voice guidance and the ability to sign your photograph through touch screen technology. You can then print it on sight or text it to your phone.