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Wendy’s is launching their breakfast menu March 2. This is not a drill.

Wendy’s breakfast launch takes place on March 2, 2020. How does a breakfast Baconator sound? The only answer is amazing. It sounds amazing.

Currently, about 300 stores offer breakfast items but soon every location opens early to serve some unique breakfast items.

Wendy's breakfast launch
Photo Source: Wendy’s

So far the menu looks to be pretty good. Probably one of the most anticipated offerings will be the Frosty-ccino. For those who love the Wendy’s Frosty, you will now be able to drink it for breakfast! They plan to mix your choice of vanilla or chocolate Frosty with cold-brewed coffee.

Another one of the highlights will be the Breakfast Baconator.  Take a brioche bun and add a sausage patty, two slices of cheese, egg, Hollandaise sauce and slices of bacon and then devour.

Other menu items will include a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit joins the chicken sandwich wars as well as seasoned breakfast potatoes.

Starting on February 5, keep an eye on Wendy’s unapologetic Twitter account for more options coming to their breakfast launch.

Another big win from Wendy’s announcement is that they plan to add 20,000 new jobs to cook and serve breakfast nationwide. We’ll see if Wendy’s breakfast menu lasts this time. It’s been tried before back in the early 2000’s.