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Kellogg’s releases Peeps marshmallow cereal for Easter

Kellogg’s is debuting a marshmallow flavored cereal “inspired by the delicious taste and springtime colors of the beloved PEEPS marshmallow Chicks and Bunnies,” the company said.

The limited-edition breakfast treat features marshmallow-flavored cereal crisps and marshmallows reminiscent of Peeps.

If you’ve been waiting your whole life for Peeps-inspired cereal, you better act fast. The cereal will only be offered while supplies last.

Some foodies have already spotted the boxes at Target, according to Instagram user @mnmtwinz, who reviewed the cereal as “strange but it works.”

The cereal pieces are that classic cereal yellowy-tan, blue, and pink. The MnmTwinz, describe it as having the same texture as Apple Jacks, with a taste just like Peeps marshmallows—minus the sugar crystals.