Why are you so salty?

It's like having the Caribbean in Huntsville, Alabama

Is it just us, or when you go to the beach you just feel and breath better? Imagine having that salty air in North Alabama. It’s cold and flu season and we know you have had sinus issues at least once or twice already. Our Tennessee Valley Weekend team may have found something that beats sitting in the doctor’s office for hours. It’s called Salt Therapy and it’s located right here in Huntsville, Alabama.

Salt on the Rocks, Holistic Wellness Spa & Remedies incorporates a Caribbean themed experience with Salt Therapy, known as, Halotherapy. They offer Natural Remedies, Massage and Reiki. Our Holistic Wellness Spa is dedicated to offering customized services to help you along your journey to a more healthy mind, body and spirit.

What the heck is salt therapy?

Individuals sit in the salt room for 45 minutes and breathe in the fine salt aerosol. This salt aerosol is transported to the smallest bronchi, or airway passages, in the lungs as well as to other parts of the respiratory tract, such as the sinuses and nasal cavity. The salt particles act as an anti-bacterial agent, dissolving bacteria and pollutants lodged in the respiratory tract. The experience can also help with the discomfort associated with inflammation in the lungs, thinning mucus build-up and opening breathing passages. Salt Therapy can also relieve discomforts associated with skin and emotional ailments.  Stress and fatigue melt away during an immersion experience.

You may be thinking of how great this would be for your child also. THEY HAVE YOU COVERED. Salt on the Rocks also offers a family room for you and your children to enjoy. The family salt room offers children under 13 a playful experience with salt therapy.  The “salt box” and fun playroom will keep them busy while you enjoy watching them play and reap the benefits of salt therapy.

They offer other rooms such as a private salt room and meeting space and special events area you can enjoy while still enjoying the island atmosphere.

Grab your deal and head over to Salt on the Rocks >>65% Off $40 Dollar Gift Card from Salt On The Rocks

Grab your deal and head over to Salt on the Rocks >>65% Off $40 Dollar Gift Card from Salt On The Rocks

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