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3 Ways to Liquefy your Diet!

If you’re like many people, regular fruits and vegetables may not be your thing. However, that doesn’t meany you have to miss out on all of the benefits your body needs and deserves from these foods! There are different ways to incorporate them into your diet. Here are three ways to take in those important nutrients and vitamins in liquid form while keeping the foods tasty and easy to make!


Juices are like a one-stop shop for healthy foods. They are multiple types of juices that you can buy at many grocery stores that come in different flavors. Many of these juices make it an easy way to take in the vegetables and fruit you need for day – in just one bottle! Yes, all the fruit or vegetables you need in one bottle.

These juices can also make it easier for those who want to “cleanse” your body. Many juices contain cucumber, kale, and spinach, which contain many important vitamins for cleaning out your body.


If you want to substitute one of your meals or just want something healthy to take in throughout your day, maybe a smoothie is the right route for you. Smoothies can be a delicious solution if you’re not big on eating vegetables or fruits as they come. While this route may be a bit more time-consuming due to the time it takes to chop and dice up the fruits and vegetables you want to go in the smoothie, this can be a much easier way to take in the daily foods your body needs. And, boy oh boy, the combinations you can create!

Wheat-grass Juice/Shots

While this may not be the most appetizing way to make a healthier diet, this can be a very easy and quick way to get a high amount of nutrients. With one shot of liquid wheat-grass being equivalent to around two pounds of leaf vegetables, there are numerous benefits to adding this to your daily diet, including better sleep, purifying your liver, and increasing your daily fiber. Wheat-grass powder is available in numerous stores and if you add it to water, it can make for a very simple way to take in those important nutrients.