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Elf on the Shelf Cereal coming to store shelves this holiday season

Parents, if your kids are a big fan of Elf on the Shelf, you may want to try it with the kids soon in cereal form.

Kellogg’s will release a new Elf on the Shelf cereal just in time for the holiday season. Walmart confirmed the new cereal will head exclusively to their stores nationwide in early November, Delish reports.

Source: Kellogg

Yes, it’s a thing. According to packaging, Kellogg’s new sugarcookie cereal is a burst of red and green holiday colors, with a nice marshmallow to cereal ratio. It’s also got edible glitter so no worries of having to clean up behind the kids.

Junk food Instagram account Candy Hunting posted news of the cereal, “New Sugar Cookie cereal with Marshmallows (that happens to have Elf on the Shelf branding) will be out very soon in the US! It’s already out in Canada.”

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The cereal is currently listed on Walmart’s website for $3.64. Walmart believes the cereal will become a Christmas tradition much like the character on the front of the box. Plus, it’s also the “official cereal on the North Pole” so your kids will be impressed by that alone.

Source: Kellogg

Sure, it may be annoying to remember to hide Santa’s little helper every single night. However, it’s the holidays, so what we want doesn’t really matter.

We have a feeling this cereal won’t last long on store shelves so be sure to keep an eye out.