In Partnership with the Southern Weekend

Here you can enjoy a real Tex-Mex experience!

Fire & Spice is Huntsville's first Tex-Mex Smokehouse!

From a food truck to a restaurant, this Texas duo is changing the bar-b-que game here in the south.

At Fire & Spice Tex-Mex Smokehouse, you will find Texas bar-b-que and traditional sliced brisket, as well as tex-mex cuisine. What about the sides right? They offer all of the most favorable Texas sides you could crave with a little southern twist. From beans, to corn, guacamole and even potato salad. They will sooth every smoked meat hankering you may have!

This couple is combining Mexican flavors with a special rub to create a mouth- watering sensation for your taste buds with every bite. You can also enjoy their popular Sante Fe chicken tacos  covered with tasty smoked chicken, fresh veggies and topped with a creamy southwest sauce.

Looking for something a little more southern? No worries, this couple has you covered. They offer a delectable smoked bologna sandwich! Yes, we said it. BOLOGNA SANDWICH!

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Sponsored by: Fire & Spice Tex-Mex Smokehouse