Made in Huntsville: Timbrook Toys

"We started a toy company on accident."

Dustin and Molly Timbrook like to tell folks they started Timbrook Toys on accident. And when you listen to them tell it, that’s exactly what it sounds like.

An accident.

The story goes something like this…

The two of them were vacationing in Asheville, NC, taking a tour of the historic Biltmore Estate. As a side note, Dustin loves a good hedge maze and has been obsessed with them since he was a kid. So you can imagine his disappointment when at the end of the tour, there wasn’t a single hedge maze to be found.

On the drive home, the two of them got to talking about hedge mazes and board games and the cast of curious characters they had already been developing when it all started to come together. Molly named their theoretical board game Hedge Lord, and they got to work designing it.

The first Hedge Lord existed on graph paper, and they convinced their friends to play it over and over again to work out all the kinks. After months of staring at this piece of paper that was beginning to crumble and tear at the edges while fine-tuning the rules and mechanics of it all, they finally had their game.

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They took to Facebook, letting their friends and family know about their beautifully designed, handmade board game made out of wood. They figured, like a lot of their other projects up to this point, maybe twenty people or so would take a chance on their fun little art project.

But twenty quickly turned into 100. Then 200. Then over 300 people from all around the country, people Dustin and Molly didn’t even know, were messaging them asking for their very own copy of Hedge Lord.

This little art project was now a legitimate business. And Timbrook Toys was born. All by accident.

Along the way they’ve developed other toys they now sell.

Twirling Tops. Magnetic building sticks called Stick-Em-Ups. A watercolor palette that snaps into any empty Altoids can.

They’ve even opened up their own shop right here in Huntsville. And on most days, people will peer through the open door and see the Hedge Lord sign hanging from the ceiling and the character’s faces painted in portraits on the walls. And they’ll step inside and say…

“Hey that’s that game. Did you guys make that?” 

And Dustin and Molly will both smile as they start to tell the story of how this was never supposed to happen…

That all of this is just an accident.

To find out more information or learn about ordering your own copy, visit them at their website here.

And be sure to follow them on Facebook or stop by their storefront at Lowe Mill.

Curious how to play? Check out the video below!